features and benefits

  • ANTI-SLIP ADA approved for slip resistance
  • FIRE RESISTANCE B1 Level (Hard to burn)
  • EASY AND LOW MAINTENANCE No polishing required. Just use household floor detergent to clean which can be found in most hypermarket.
  • SAFE QUIET WARM Reduce sound by more than 50% and create a nice warm feeling when you step on it
  • SPILL AND STAIN RESISTANCE Anti-spill and easy to remove existing stain
  • 3 – 5 LAYERS PROTECTION FROM WEAR Thick wear layer to provide long lasting floor protection to the colour and design
  • SCRATCH AND WEAR RESISTANCE Thick wear layer with double UV coating to provide absolute protection for your vinyl floor
  • TERMITE PROOF Insect free due to the composition of the material
  • WATER PROOF Unaffected by water and resistant to ingress of water
  • COLOUR FAST TO SUNLIGHT Colour does not fade under sunlight
  • RESISTANCE TO CHEMICAL Surface not easily damaged by chemical
  • ELECTRIC CURRENT RESISTANCE Does not conduct electricity
  • FLEXIBLE Easy to bend and mix to create the design and pattern you desire
  • NON-TOXIC AND ODOURLESS No smell and not hazardous to health
  • QUALITY TESTED Products are heavy tested to provide consistent top quality vinyl